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Mark Perakh's Web Site

Below is shown the text of a short poem I have written especially for this Web page. It can be seen in the conventional view at Poems.cfm. Here it is shown as a text usually looks when one is searching for ELS, namely stripped of spaces between words and of punctuation marks. While it took about 50 minutes to compose the poem itself, it took only about 15 minutes to find 37 ELS in it, which are shown below. Of course, in this short text comprising only 588 letters, there are much more ELS than are shown. Of those 37 ELS shown, most are, naturally, just three-letter words. Some four-letter words are WATT (appears twice in that text), TORI, MEAT, PASS. But a really funny feature of this text is as follows: At the right edge of the tableau, two ELS appear, one spelling HEN, and the other RED. These two ELS intersect, being directed, one (HEN) upward from left to right, at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal, the other (RED) also upward, but from right to left, at the same angle of 45 degrees. At the left edge, again the same two words appear, also intersecting, one (RED) directed upward from left to right, while the other (HEN) upward from right to left. These two sets of ELS are situated in that tableau in a symmetrical fashion. Finally, in the upper middle of the tableau, there is again a pair of ELS, spelling the same two words, RED HEN, one directed upward from left to right, and the other upward from right to left, in a symmetrical manner, both ELS situated at 45 degrees to the horizontal. Of course, if, following the practice of "code" proponents, we had calculated the probability of encountering the three mentioned identical combinations of words within a segment of an arbitrarily chosen text of only 588 letters,  the probability in question would be an extremely small numbers, somewhere about 1/1000000000. Nevertheless, this combination is there, and it happened by chance only, and there is nothing esoteric in its appearance, as well as there is nothing esoteric in all those ELS arrays in the Bible.

TRIHEN.gif (29474 bytes)