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1. No Codes Ode

Once in sunny Acapulco,
Having lost against the odds,
I was bluntly catapulted
To the world of Bible codes.

For a while we got enchanted
By the charm of ELS:
Couldn’t happen just by chance it!
That was everybody’s guess.

But applying math statistics,
Common sense, and sound test
We debunked the ever-teasing
Lure of miracles in texts.

No codes! Just words and verses,
All entangled in a complex net,
Letters tied in order, versus
Skips, and length, and this and that.


1) There was lately a discussion among people involved in the Bible code controversy in regard to a Russian word E. Rips used in his lecture several years ago, which literally translates into English as facet, as it was not quite clear what E. Rips meant by using this word in context. Several interpretations have been suggested. 2) R. Kass was the editor of Statistical Science magazine who published WRR's paper in 1994; 3) Reportedly, E. Rips used to say that DoronWitztum is a new Rutherford. Alec Gindis, Maya Bar-Hillel, and Brendan McKay are active participants in the Bible code discussion on the anti-code side (as well as I am too). Here is my facetious commentary on the 3 above listed items. Mark Perakh.

In a history making lecture
Eli Rips had mentioned a facet.
Albeit it made us conjecture
He managed to prove to Kass it.

He showed that ELS
Beyond any trace of a doubt
Are genuine not any less
Than the fact that a pig has a snout

That a beauty's cheek has a dimple
And a tail belongs to my dog.
He's made everything clear and simple
That hitherto had been in fog.

He forcefully ELS-ed us
His was like a razor word,
He proved that Almighty has blessed us
Since born's a new Rutherford.

Do you like a salad? So toss it!
Or favor you wine with pizza?
But we thirst for wisdom. Like water from faucet
It flows from new Ernest - Witztum.

He has so utterly Rips'ed us
Unearthing a "code's" mother lode.
He has so greatly eclipsed us
Explaining the gist of the "code."

So, Alecs, and Mayas, and Brendans,
Relent and abandon your drive.
Unless you'll show repentance,
D. Witztum will eat you alive.

The following text is in Russian.