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Title Author Date
Positive statement of your position Carnes, Paula Jul 04, 2009
Do you have an article stating in a positive way what you believe? It seems to my simplistic brain that there are only two basic positions, both based on some leap of faith. One is that the universe has always existed and evolved, thus "god" is a force, energy and material. The alternative is some sort of creator or eternal force or mind, if you will. Has anyone ever
written or posted on your website the view that the universe is eternal with no beginning or end? I believe this concept would fit best with
Buddhism, a religion, last time I checked. There certainly is no absolute proof for either view, or we would not ever have invented the word "faith."

Thanks for any leads on such an article.
Paula Carnes

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Title Author Date
new frontline Whitaker, Warren Jun 14, 2009
No new news on Frontline since 4/3/09. Does this mean you fellows are shut down or is there no new news? Hopefully you are making adjustments and will soon be back on line.

Chillicothe, OH
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Title Author Date
abiogenesis Diercouff, Ken May 28, 2009
What books would you recommend that discuss the origin of life on earth, the mechanisms, probabilities, etc.?

Thanks, Ken
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Title Author Date
a thank you Quintel, Geoff Mar 18, 2009

I've been reading your essays at talkreason. As a non scientist involved in the evolution vs creation debate, please accept my thanks and appreciation for taking the time to write the essays.

For someone like me, who has neither the competence nor resources to review the primary literature, your essays, and those of other like minded scientists, are an invaluable resource.


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Title Author Date
The latest creationist twist Luhn, Robert Mar 18, 2009
Dear Talk Reason:

Should creationist colleges in Texas that grant degrees follow the same rules other schools must follow?

Apparently not.

Representative Leo Berman (Republican, District 6, Smith County) has just introduced HB 2800, which would exempt "certain private nonprofit
educational institutions" from the rules other degree-granting schools must follow in Texas.

The aim, apparently, is to help the Institute for Creation Research's graduate school, which was denied state certification (a precursor to
accreditation) when it moved to Texas. The ICR is a "Young Earth Creationist" organization that believes the Earth is 10,000 years old,
Noah's flood really happened, Adam and Eve were real people, etc. The ICR has been pushing the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
(THECB) to certify the ICR's school, which wants to offer masters degrees in science education. HB 2800 would make that easier, since an institution could request exemption in writing, which the board education could grant by simply issuing a letter.

As the Texas Citizens for Science has noted, certifying ICR to award masters degrees in science education "would be a mockery of science and an injustice to students who work hard in legitimate academic institutions to earn real Masters degrees in science education."

From intelligent design to "academic freedom" laws to...this. A new approach to smuggling creationism into the classroom. If this seems like a story worth pursuing, let me know and I can connect you with the relevant sources, background information, and more!


Robert Luhn
Director of Communications
National Center for Science Education, Inc.
420 40th Street, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609-2509
510-601-7203 x314
fax: 510-601-7204

Text of the bill, actions, etc:

Background on Texas legislation and related issues:

"Legislative salvation for the ICR?"

"ICR seeks to grant degrees in Texas"

"Scientists oppose ICR certification in Texas"

"Decision on ICR's graduate school deferred"

"A Setback for the ICR in Texas"

Texas coverage
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