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Title Author Date
Linking Philosopher, Zone Mar 11, 2009
I am a co-author of a philosophy / blog site and was wondering if you would be interested in linking to one another?

The site is: www.philosopherzone.com

Kindest regards,

The Philosopher Zone Team

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Title Author Date
Making your discourse available to others Ogen, Joe L. Mar 02, 2009
I would like to send your writing to some other people but you have no means of so doing. In addition, if man is going to go heaven, what about all of the other animals on earth. In other words, for the religious element, how about a hog heaven?

The may argue that a hog has no soul but there is no imperical evidence that man has one either!(Tongue in cheek). I appreciate your thinking.

Joe L. Ogan
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Title Author Date
Three doors and thousands of boxes Garcia , Alberto Feb 03, 2009
Dear Mr.Perakh,

I have been reading your articles for a while, not neccesarilly in chronological order, and i have just found an excuse to send an e-mail to
you, showing my most sincere appreciation. Thanks a lot for all of them.

The three door problem (AND, the compere knowing where the prize is) became a classic discussion between my wife and me some years ago.

Not in a formal way, i´ve found that people starts grasping the idea, when you tell them to consider that:

-ALWAYS changing your choice, what you are really doing, is DISCARDING the door of your choice. It´s like being able to choose all of the others.
-As someone else said, considering a lot more doors, makes the argument clearer. żDoes it?. Just for fun:

I don´t know if you remember the last frames of the movie "Riders of the lost ark", where you can see a guy, "hiding" the wooden box which
contains the ark in between thousands of other wooden boxes.

I asked my wife, let´s imagine you are in front of this sea of wooden boxes and you have to guess where the ark is. Go ahead and make your
choice. Now the guy, who knows where the ark is, opens up all the boxes but one. żDo you think you were so lucky to have chosen the right one? Remember when you did it!

I know it doesn´t throw much light but, i liked to read about this after so long.

Best regards,

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Title Author Date
new book Austin, Debra Feb 22, 2009
Talk Reason is a wonderful resource for those of us interested in supporting science, and I thank you for your tremendous effort. I realize
that you are primarily interested in news relating to teaching and public perception of evolution, but you may be interested in reviewing a new book closely related to these issues.

In August 2009, Simon & Schuster will publish my novel, Daughter of Kura. Daughter of Kura is set in Africa a half-million years ago. A young
homo erectus woman who is in line to become head-woman of her matriarchal clan confronts a stranger who disrupts her society with the first stirrings of religious ideas. Advanced reader's copies are now available from the
publisher, if any reviewers are interested.

Debra Austin
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Title Author Date
Dutch TV evangelical regrets his support for creationism and ID Korthof, Gert Feb 04, 2009
Yesterday 3 Feb, the Dutch evangelical, TV presentator and former director of the Evangelical Broadcast Organisation (EO), Andries Knevel, openly rejected his belief in Young Earth Creationism and ID. He apologised for promoting those beliefs in the past years to his children and the public. He wants credibility, reliability and belief. He desires an open debate about God and evolution with believers and non-believers alike. He believes GOD and evolution do not exclude each other. Both science and belief have their own value. He still belief that God created heaven and earth en that Jezus is our Saviour.

On July 27 2007 it was discovered and documented (http://evolutie.blog.com/1962396/) that the EO censored all evolution and old earth from the BBC documentaries of David Attenborough. Now the EO no longer denies it was censorship indeed by showing fragments they censored in the past years. This is a remarkable breakthrough and conversion. Especially hopeful in the Darwinyear 2009. There are still YEC's in Holland, but the main evangelical television station has made a very promising move.

Gert Korthof

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