Dr. Mark Perakh

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General Specialization: Physics and Electrochemistry

Specific Fields of Expertise:

Magnetic and Semiconductor films; Stress in Films; Photodeposition; Electrochemical processes; Electrosorption.

Selected Awards:

1972: Prize of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, for achievements in the Materials Science.

1976: Award of DAAD (W. Germany Council for Research and Development) for achievements in Applied Science.

1978: Award of the Royal Society of England, for achievements in Semiconductor Technology.


Professor of Physics (1966); Professor of Materials Science(1973); Associate Prof. of Physics (1962); Associate Professor of Material Science(1953); Assistant Professor (1950).

July 1, 1994 - currently: Retired from Cal. State University with the Emeritus status 

August 1985 - June 1994: Teaching Physics full time at Cal State University, Fullerton. Research in the fields of semiconductor films, electric fields in electrolytes etc. During that period of time also taught several courses in Physics, part-time, at Cal. State Poly. Univ, Pomona; Univ. of California, Irvine, and San Diego University.

June 1984 - February 1985: Director of Research and Development. Bourns Inc., Riverside, CA. Responsibilities included guidance of all the R&D; effort on corporate level.

September 1980 - June 1984: Senior Research Scientist and Group Leader, ARCO Solar Inc., Chatsworth, CA. Supervised a group of Engineers and technicians which at different times comprised from four and up to sixteen people, including several PhD's. R&D; in the fields of solar cells, new materials for thermoelectric and superconductive devices, thermoelectrochemical cells, etc.

August 1978 - August 1980: Visiting Scientist, IBM Corp., T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. R&D; in the fields of internal stress measurements and calculation, new materials for electronic circuits, jet electroplating, superconducting films, electromigration of metals.

Summer 1978: Visiting Professor of the Royal Society of England. Teaching at the University of Surrey (courses on internal stress and photodeposition for graduate students); lecturing at several other universities in England.

1973 - 1978:  Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Graduate School of Applied Science. Teaching various graduate and special courses. Research in the fields of Photodeposition of semiconductor films, electrodeposition of alloys etc. Guided several students who successfully achieved PhD degrees, as well as a number of MSc degrees.

Summer 1976: Visiting Scientist at the Forschungsinstitut fuer Edelmetalle and Metallchemie, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany.

1966 - 1973: Professor and Laboratory Head, Kalinin State University, USSR. Supervised a group with up to forty engineers and students; research in the fields of internal stress, new materials, magnetic films, etc. Guided a number of successfully completed dissertations both on PhD and MSc levels. (In 1973 emigrated from the USSR).

1963-1966: Physics Department Head, Novosibirsk Institute, USSR. Teaching Physics; research in Electrochemistry and Internal Stress fields; headed a department with up to fifty Professors, technicians and graduate students (before that taught at three other universities in the former USSR).


1967: Diploma of Doctor of Sciences (the top scientific degree in the USSR with no equivalent in the USA), Kazan Institute of Technology, USSR. Topic: Internal Stress in Films and Coatings.

1949: Diploma of Candidate of Sciences in Technical Physics (an exact equivalent of a Ph.D. degree in the USA) from Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine.

1946: Diploma (with distinction) from Odessa Institute of Technology, Ukraine, with specialization in Technical/Engineering Physics.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, German, Hebrew, and English.

Publications and patents:

Nearly 300 items, including several books (a partial list of publications and patents, dated 1984, can be seen at ) .

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