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This screen shows the upper part of page 33 in the book by Dahn Ben Amotz, titled Ziunim Ze Lo Ha Kol, published in Tel Aviv in 1979 by Metziut Publishers. Circled letters show the ELS that form the following phrase:"Will kill Prime Minister, Hero Rabin" as well as the name of the assassin Amir, which appear with gradually increasing skip, so the overall "encoded" sentence reads: "Amir will kill Proime Minister, Hero Rabin." The alleged probability of the above combination of ELS plus the name of Amir as a GISLS (gradually increasing skip letter sequence) to appear in the space of two paragraphs containing about 600 letters, if calcuated by a "simple" method, often employed by the Bible "code" proponents, would turn out to be about 1 in 6000000000000000000. Of course such numbers have no power of prediction, as it has been discussed in the body of this paper. This example is also the response to the challenge by M. Drosnin to find a "prediction" of Rabin's assassination in a non-Biblical text.

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