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Here is a copy of those paragraphs on page 67 in Dahn Ben Amotz's book titled Ziunim Ze Lo Hakol, where a cluster of ELS is located spelling words HIV, BeDam (in the blood), Mavet (death), and Khali (desease). Additionally in the same short segment of text, there is a GDSLS (Gradually Decreasing Skip Letter Sequence) which spells AIDS.  I would like to point out that the probabilty of a GDSLS or of a GISLS (Gradually Increasing Skip Letter Sequences) is not any larger that it is for an ELS.  If calculated in the way often employed by the "code" proponents, the probability of the above listed ELS plus one conceptually related GDSLS to occur within such a short segment of text is about 1 in 100000000000000000. Of course, as it has been discussed in the body of this article, these numbers have no real significance.   The mere fact that such clusters can be so easily located in arbitrarily chosen texts, shows that the "probability" calculations such as the one which was applied here following the practice of many "code" proponents, produces numbers that have no cognitive value.

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