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Title Author Date
Expelled! by PZ Myers Abarge, Paul Apr 23, 2008
I am following up to a request I posted as a comment on the article PZ Myers wrote in which he recounts that he was not allowed into a theater showing the Ben Stein movie Expelled!

I would like to know the name of the theater, the city or town where the theater is located and the date/time of the showing of Expelled!

This information would be relevant to an investigation of the incident in order to acquire more details about the incident and to corroborate or support Mr Myers' story.

Please respond with this information or let us know if you will not provide this information.


Title Author Date
im n ur theeatr, revuin ur dum film Ross, David Mar 23, 2008
BAHAHAH! I can't wait to read the results. "Win Ben Stein's @ss On A Plate"