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Title Author Date
Reply to Berlinski by Elsberry Rossow, Amiel Apr 13, 2005
It can be noted that this Wesley R. Elsberry's essay on The Panda's Thumb (
http://www.pandasthumb.org/pt-archives/000937.html ) is accompanied by an extensive discussion where authors of many interesting comments shed additional light on the story in question. Among the comments there also are several by Berlinski where he continiues defending his mendacious op-ed piece in the Daily Californian and brazenly justifying his groundless attack on Talk Reason. Amiel Rossow


Title Author Date
Academic Extinction Berlinski, David Apr 12, 2005
To the editor:

This e-mail is not intended for posting. I have read, and considered, your remarks, posted recently on The Panda's Thumb, and I would be happy to respond in detail, privately, if you wish, on-site, if not. Do let me know.

David Berlinski


Title Author Date
Comment TalkReason , Apr 12, 2005
In his letters to Talk Reason and to The Panda's Thumb, David Berlinski seems to sometimes refer to these two sites as if they are maintained by the same team. For the record, while we reproduce on Talk Reason selected posts from The Panda's Thumb and some of our contributors also contribute essays to The Panda's Thumb, these two sites are maintained by two independent teams and there is no coordination between them regarding the material submitted for posting to these sites.

Talk Reason administration