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Title Author Date
gerald schroeder Heller, Bob Oct 25, 2009
as a skeptic and someone whose 'soul' is endangered, i was directed by a do-gooder to www.aish.com to the latest article by physicist, gerald schroeder, entitled:
the origins of life
i am a physician and lack advanced degrees in biology and physics. i have read your articles about schroeder and his manipulating the facts to 'prove' the inerrancy of the bible. would you have any time to comment on this article? i get so frustrated reading his works, since i am not familiar with the people he quotes nor do i have a solid grasp of the science.




Title Author Date
Two questions Darfler, Ben Feb 07, 2006
Mr. Perakh,

I was reading your article on Schroeder's books and have two questions. I'd like to preface by saying I'm not advocating the arguments I'm about to bring up but just curious as to your response.

1) In the section on GTR you mention that you need an independant frame of reference to find out if 15bil yrs can equal 6 days. Is it possible that if we posit a god point of view (for the sake of argument) which would be external to our universe that we would then satisfy the need for an independant frame of reference? Granted we would probably have no way of knowing what the actual relative time dilation is but it seems that it might at least be plausable. I know there are many arguments against the existance of such a god or that pov but I'm curious how the physics would work if it were to exist.

2) Later when talking about frames of reference at the speed of light you mention that no physical body can move at the speed of light. However, any theist would say that god has no physical body (granted, for Schroeder's STR example you have to assume he does but lets ignore that contradiction). It then seems that this is the crux of your argument that no such frame of reference can exist (correct me if I'm wrong). However, I was wondering what could be said of the frame of reference of a massless being (you could think of a massless particle if its easier) traveling at the speed of light. Could we say that time stops for god (or photons)? Or would photons still move at the speed of light in a frame of reference which was itself moving at the speed of light. If time stops then wouldn't there be some credability left in Schroder's argument?

Thanks for your time and for your wonderful article. I look foward to hearing back from you.

Ben Darfler


Title Author Date
Gerald Schroeder Pickett, Megan K. Dec 11, 2005

I read with great interest the discussion of Schroeder's attempts at reconciling genesis with science (http://www.talkreason.org/articles/schroeder.cfm), and I am very thankful for finding it and the links included on the website. I have just been informed that Schroeder will be visiting our campus to speak about this nonsense, and I was wondering if you had any advice or other resources for dissecting his views for what they are.

Thank you very much,

Megan K. Pickett
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Physics Program Coordinator
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Gyte Hall 271
Purdue University Calumet
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN 46410

Office: 219-989-2283
Fax: 219-989-2130


Title Author Date
mark perakh's critique of gerald schroeder Rowe, Daniel Nov 20, 2005
i was fascinated by the critique. 'Not a very Big Bang about Genesis'. I emailed schroeder the article, and he gave an intitial response to it. I was wondering what Dr Perrakh, or perhaps some other correspondantof yours had to say to this response.

Many thanks

The major error in the critique as I skimmed it is that the author seems to think I use general or special relativity to match the 6 fays to 15 billion yrs. I do not as is clear from the text. and In SOG I make it clear that is is red shifting and blue shifting due to stretching of space. And it is the Bible's point of view, not God's. That is the one sentence I would change in G&BB where I state God's view of time. I should have written the Bible's view. The view form the beginning is set by the Ramban on his commentary on Day One, rather than a first day.