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Title Author Date
Against the free will defense Lehrer, Michael Apr 22, 2010
I responded to this once before but I see it was not posted so I will try again. The point is that an individual who can do *whatever* he wants for 18 hours per day can be said to have free will to to whatever he wants. For example, if the reason god wanted free will was to reward people who follow his directives, then by letting people sleep, he is not impinging on that goal. People can still be judged by their actions within the time they have free will, with the same range of activities that they would have had, had they not required sleep. You didn't ask that since people do not live
forever, that disproves the free will defense, because it is obvious, that free will means in the time that people have the ability to do things. Same thing with sleep, the same argument can be made.
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Title Author Date
Against the free will defense TalkReason , Apr 22, 2010
Dear Mr. Lehrer:

We have no recollection of any earlier unpublished letter from you. If it indeed was submitted but not posted, it probably was due to some accidental circumstances. We have now posted your letter. We cannot predict whether some other readers will choose to respond to it.

Best wishes,

Talk Reason
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