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Can we disprove Judaism Magarshak, Gregory Dec 16, 2009
Hi there.

I grew up religious but now think there is a strong possibility that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are based on no more than mythologies, just like the Greek mythology, Norse mythology, and so on.

The trouble is, I am not 100% sure of this. Or even 99.9999% sure. I have a feeling that with a good understanding of science, and an in-depth
understanding of the Bible (more specifically, the Torah in its original Hebrew, as well as authoritative Talmudic commentary on it) we can DISPROVE that the events described there, which give authority to the entire laws and pronunciations that we are expected to abide by, never happened.

If they never happened, I see no reason to go ahead and invent other religions as we'd clearly know they are invented. This would discredit pretty much all religions based on Judaism as well, since they rely on it
being true.

The only concern I have is that atheists might be wrong about the Torah, and the authority-granting events really did happen as described
(red sea splitting, Torah being given on mount Sinai, etc).

I am having a very hard time finding contradictions between

a) something in the Torah that all mainstream Jewish interpretations hold to be true (this excludes literal interpretations of Genesis 1 and 2, making the job harder)


b) facts established to 99.9% or better certainty, using some kind of research. Whether it use history, physics, biology or something else.

At the same time, I have to allow for the possibility of miracles to have happened. That is, events that would normally not happen in our
everyday world, and which our current science could not explain. For example, I cannot ask "how did all the animals fit into the ark, how did they survive the voyage" because the answer would be "miraculously".

However, even miracles cannot explain some contradictions. For example, if I could prove that birds for sure evolved after land animals, then no miracle can explain the ORDER being wrong in Genesis 1. But then, not everyone takes Genesis 1 literally.

The other problem is language. For example, I could point out that the hare (or rabbit or bunny) does not chew its own cud. But then an apologist could come back and say that this referred to an animal that is not the hare, or no longer exists. I would need a thorough research to PROVE this is really the hare that was referred to.

This leaves very little. Assuming all Jews believe the flood story, can we show with 99.9% certainty that some civilizations persisted before and after the flood? How do we do this? Carbon 14 dating has had hiccups in the past.

Is there ONE CLEAR DISPROOF of the Torah? If so, can someone point me to it? Thank you.

Gregory Magarshak