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Title Author Date
Ken Miller's book review Prophet, Nathan May 08, 2008
Congratulations on a superb review in my humble opinion. A group of us at local university read Miller's book and discussed one or more chapter's for several weeks prior to Miller coming to speak at the university. Many of the points you address came out in our discussions. I like your "Yang and Yin" analysis.

My personal opinion is that Dr. Miller is desperately trying to find a way to justify the existence of God through science (quantum
indeterminacy), while trying to hold fast to his traditional Roman Catholic beliefs in light of his considerable knowledge of evolution and science in general. He cannot deny science, so he attempts to justify God through science, and he fails to do that.

Thanks for the great review.

Nathan Prophet.
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Title Author Date
Ken Miller's book review TalkReason , May 24, 2008
Dear Nathan:

Thank you for your kind words regarding Amiel Rossow's essay about Kenneth Miller's popular book, posted on our site. Amiel Rossow asked us to convey to you his appreciation of your two letters.

Best wishes,

Talk Reason administration
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