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Yin and Yang of Kenneth Miller Prophet, Nathan May 08, 2008
From a Brown University website - written by Dr. Ken Miller:


[1] "In biological terms, evolution is the only way a Creator could have made us the creatures we are - free beings in a world of authentic and
meaningful moral and spiritual choices."

[2] "Over the years I have struggled to come up with a simple but precise answer to that question. [What kind of God do you believe in?] And, eventually I found it. I believe in Darwin's God."

My comments:

[1] The "only way" - I doubt it. Are we "free beings in a world of authentic and meaningful moral and spiritual choices? It's very debatable.
Gee, millions of the unborn and children who die in early childhood never had the chance to make "moral and spiritual choices". Pity I guess - that's the price they had to pay for us living adults to have the free will to make those types of choices.

[2] If Miller means Charles Darwin's personal belief in God, then he should know that Darwin became an staunch agnostic, and possibly and
atheist. He did not believe in the Bible as does Miller. If Miller means by "Darwin's God" a "creator god" that kick-started life with DNA and its associated mechanisms powering evolution, then that's a little more
palatable. He doesn't really make that clear.

Although Miller doesn't attempt to find a "scientific basis" or "proof" of God, he goes to great lengths to attempt to find a natural mechanism (quantum indeterminacy) through which God can act, and to permit the all important "free will" for making moral choices that we Homo sapiens are supposed to have. It's a kind of "God of the gaps" argument.

In my opinion, Miller is desperately trying to find a way to preserve his traditional Roman Catholic beliefs in light of his considerable
knowledge of facts thus far discovered through science.

Nathan Prophet.
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