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Title Author Date
Seems we're in the same boat Daniel Apr 21, 2004
Dear Mr. Zeligman,

Based on what you've written, it would seem that you and I share similar problems with Judaism. I had done my own research over the past number of years and have come to across many of the problems you mention. As well as a number you do not. I was raised Orthodox, and presumably, like you, I still continue to outwardly perform the rites and rituals that go along with an Orthodox life.

I was just wondering if you had indeed sent this letter to a rabbi of yours. And if so, how did he respond?

Also, I hope this is not too invasive, but I share a similar problem, so what are you planning on doing in case your faith does turn out to be irrational? Continue the charade? Seems like a problem without any good solution.

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Title Author Date
Seems we're in the same boat Skeptic, Mike Sep 13, 2004
The two of you are not alone. A group of likeminded individuals participate in a discussion forum on a Yahoo group called "thefrumskepticsgroup," which has about fifty members. Membership in the group is open to the public.
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