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Title Author Date
How about it? TalkReason , Dec 22, 2002
Dear Dr. Berlinski:

Thanks for your letter. The authors of the four letters posted on our site have advised us that they have submitted their letters to Commentary as well. Of course, none of them knows if Commentary will decide to print their letters. Regardless of the Commentary's decision in regard to those four letters, you are certainly welcome to submit to TalkReason your response either to all four posted letters or to any one of them, as you choose. If your response will discuss the essence of the critique by the four authors without personal remarks, we can assure you it will be posted.

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Title Author Date
How about it? Berlinski, David Dec 22, 2002
Thanks very much for this prompt and courteous response. I am going to write to the editors at Commentary today and ask them to be sure to print the letters that have already appeared on Talk Reason. I cannot imagine that Commentary would decide to ignore them. If I am for any reason wrong in this regard, I will submit my responses directly to Talk Reason. As for those 'personal remarks' you are eager to avoid, I shall, to be sure, remain pure as the driven snow. Even purer.
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