Mark Perakh


of publications and radio broadcasts on literary, political and

sociological issues

A. Papers in magazines

1. Contemporary Dissent in Russia - Rise, Development, Trends. PARTISAN REVIEW, v.6, #2, 1978 (in English)

2. Solzhenitsyn and the Jews MIDSTREAM, June/July 1977 (in English)

p> 3. Facts or Selection of Characters? Some trends in Solzhenitsyn's writings. Vremya i My (Time and We), #4, 1976 (in Russian)

4. From Sakharov to Samolvin. Anatomy of the contemporary Russian free thinking on the nationalistic problems. 1st publication: Sucasnist, January 1977 (in Ukrainian) 2nd publication: The Ukrainian Quarterly, 1978 (in English)

5. Would the Fall of its Colonial Empire be a catastrophy for Russia? 1st publication: Sucasnist, December 1975 (in Ukrainian) 2nd publication: Possev, January 1976 (in Russian) 3rd publication: The Ukrainian Quarterly, v.32,#2,1976 (in English) 4th publication: Samtiden,#6, 1977 (in Norwegian)

6. Encounters in Siberia Sucasnist, June 1976 (in Ukrainian)

7. The attainment of academic rank in the USSR. 1st publication: Radio Liberty Bulletin, 2851(c),1977 (in Russian). 2nd publication: Radio Liberty Bulletin, 150,(76(c), 1977 (in English). 3rd publication: Possev, September 1978 (in Russian)

8. No changes in the Soviet Higher Schools. Radio Liberty Bulletin, 35/77, 1977 (in Russian)

9. Wasted effort: notes on the system of scientific institutions in the USSR. Radio Liberty Bulletin, 22/2862, 1976 (in Russian)

10. Decision on the Agriculture Science in the USSR. Radio Liberty Bulletin, 430/76, 1976 (in Russian)

11. Planned Economics as a Big System. 1st publication: Sucasnist, May 1979 (in Ukrainian) 2nd publication: Possev, July 1979 (in Russian)

12. Modeling Economic Structures. Possev, November 1979 (in Russian)

13. Utilization of Western technological Advances in the USSR. In collection "East-West Technological Transfer"NATO colloquium, Brussels, 1976 (in English).

B. Radio Broadcasts

All items had been broadcast by Radio Liberty, Munich.

1. How Soviet people become dissidents. Seventeen broadcasts, August-December 1976.

2. Russia through the eyes of Americans. Four broadcasts, July 1977.

5. Soviet Propaganda. Eighteen broadcasts, May-September 1977.

6. The tragedy of Middle East.  Six broadcasts, October-November 1976.

7. Features of life in Israel. Eighteen broadcasts, October1976 - April 1978.

8. Current events in the Middle East and Africa. Twenty five broadcasts (commentaries and reviews). October 1975 through December 1977.

9. Non-serial broadcasts August 1976 through April 1978; over twenty items.

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