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Title Author Date
Hannah Arendt-quote Krul, Jeffrey Sep 14, 2008
For the record: the quoted text of Hannah Arendt can be found at

I should say: read the article, and judge for yourself if the fragment is misquoted or not.


Title Author Date
article by Andrea Bottaro Rhetts , Chris Apr 23, 2008
It sometimes mystifies me that in refuting the "Darwin influence" on Hitler and the Nazis, writers ignore so much of the historical context. Hitler came of age in a culture which had a long history of anti-semitism based on
Christian teachings. It can easily be demonstrated that many of Luther's writings had a far greater influence on the formation of Hitler's views than those of Darwin, not just because of the writings themselves but also
by their influence on his culture. Does that make Luther, the virtual founder of the modern evangelical church, more or less responsible for the holocost than Darwin? The point is mote, since Hitler was in any case a madman. But as long as people like Ben Stein are going to attack Darwin by a superficial connection to the Nazis, why not throw the ball in his court and see how well he defends Luther?


Title Author Date
"Darwinian ideas" Scharle, Tom Apr 23, 2008
This article says, "Once again, no one is arguing that Darwinian ideas did not play a role in Hitler's philosophical outlook."

Is there any evidence that "Darwinian ideas" did play a role in Hitler's outlook?

"Darwinian ideas" would be ideas which are original with or distinctive about Charles Darwin. Ideas such as common descent, speciation, or natural (as distinguished from directed, purposeful, or artificial) selection.
These ideas seem to have been matters of ignorance, indifference, or were indeed opposed by the various social/political movements of the early 20th century which were closest to Hitler's outlook.

I would be interested in any evidence for "Darwinian ideas" being a factor in Hitler's outlook.