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Title Author Date
A Great Resource Feagans, C Jul 21, 2006
A wealth of information and worth bookmarking just to be able to reference the citations alone!

Thanks for putting the time and effort in this piece. I took the time to read every word and will be a regular visitor because of it.

Carl Feagans


Title Author Date
Coulter on evolution Wooten, Sandra Jul 11, 2006
I just ran across Part II of your analysis of Coulter's drivel regarding evolution. I'd sooner have a root canal on every tooth in my mouth than buy or read any of her work, so thanks for doing it for me and letting me know that the nuts at the "Discovery" Institute coached her.

I learned quite a bit from reading Part II. I knew about lungfish but was not aware of the importance of the Coelacanth in evolutionary biology. Can't remember how I ended up at your website but I started at Aetiology by Tara Smith and am glad to have stumbled upon your article. I emailed the link to Duncan Black ("Atrios") who runs a progressive weblog called "Eschaton" in case he wants to mention it on his site.