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Title Author Date
Harun Yahya and Holocaust Revisionism Krul, Jeffrey Aug 05, 2007
Dear sirs,
One link in your article about Harun Yahya and Holocaust Revisionism was missing:
This page shows clearly that H.Y. denied the Holocaust of the jews during the first edition of "the Holocaust deception" in 1999.
The summary of the second chapter reads:
"The second chapter exposing a more conspicious historical fact, discloses the truth behind the so-called 'Jewish Holocaust' pronounced to be executed during World War II. The agreement concerning the transfer of the Jews to Palestine concluded between the Zionists and the Nazis was interrupted when the war broke out. Then it was not possible to keep on the transfer carried out by German ships. Thus, Hitler concluded together those Jews in concentration camps in order to preserve the process of isolation and make use of their men power. The camps in question; Auschwitz, Majdenek, Treblinka, Sobibor and many others were labour camps and just they were constructed near big industrial complexes. Suprisingly Zionists did not object to Hitler's plan.
What is presented as Holocaust is the death of some Jews due to the tiffus plague during the war and the famine towards the end of the war caused by the defeat of the Germans."
I hope I informed you well,
best wishes,
Jeffrey Krul