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Title Author Date
Dawkins Harbison, Gerard Oct 22, 2006
The swipe at Dawkins detracts from an otherwise good essay. The Selfish Gene in fact contains a lengthy exposition of how evolution leads to altruism. Had you read it, you would find that altruism is not only a result of kin selection, but can arise from reciprocity int he absence of genetic relatedness. The reference to 'Dawkins' selfish pitiless universe' is therefore just silly.


Title Author Date
Moral law Mullenix, Dave Oct 17, 2006
From your review of Francis Collin's "The Language of God":

"He describes The Moral Law as 'the denunciation of oppression, murder, treachery, falsehood and the injunction of kindness (16), almsgiving (5), impartiality (15), and honesty (4)."

The existence of such a law would only surprise me if there was a group of people somewhere who enjoyed being oppressed, murdered, betrayed and lied to and who did not want to be treated with kindness, impartiality and honesty and maybe the occasional bit of alms.

Chesterton made the same error, as do many others who really should think this through.

Thanks for your blog,
Dave Mullenix