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Title Author Date
are we descended from "apes"? Scharle, Tom Aug 03, 2008
Some people who fully accept evolutionary biology insist that humans did not descend from any modern species of ape, but that apes and humans share
a common ancestry. For example, they would say that Australopithecines were not "apes". Perhaps the survey could be worded to avoid this possibility.


Title Author Date
Geocentrism in 2008? Firth, Robert Aug 18, 2008
Most commentators have addressed the evolution questions in this survey. My eye was caught by a different statement:

"Geocentrism is the required belief of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement"

Are they serious? Leaving aside the problem that astronomy has nothing to do with religion, and hasn't since we stopped worshipping the planets as gods, are the leaders of this movement not aware that this crazy dogma has been tried before?

On 24 February 1616, to be precise, by the Qualifiers of the Holy Inquisition. The result was a "dis-aster" from which the perpetrators have never fully recovered. Why would anyone walk that road again?


Title Author Date
OK I'm confused Philipson, Randall Aug 03, 2008
Once again I'm seeing an evolution proponent use the phrase "Humans evolved from Apes". I've been doing a lot of evolution research and it was my understanding that the appropriate way to describe this is "Humans and apes have a common ancestor". I.E. the apelike creature we evolved from only had similarities to the modern ape, but certainly wasn't the same. Did I miss a meeting somewhere?