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Title Author Date
DR. Doom's interview Gallien , Joe Apr 08, 2006
The ONLY way for "Dr. Doom" to clear his name is to have the full transcripts of his speeches released. Unless we have those to look over his
interview is meaningless. Or do you think he is going to admit that he said what Mims tells us he said?

Then there are students -- present & former -- who at least appear to give us the same picture of Dr. Pianka as does Mimsy.

However I do agree that many people have taken this "over-the-top" and Uncommon Descent has prevented me from commenting further on that topic.

That said, if anyone can't see what this planet is coming to perhaps it pisses them off to have someone tell them. Also it is strange that any
Bible-believer would condemn Pianka -- didn't that "God" fella wipe out all but 8 humans? And doesn't the Bible end with mass death, ie the apocolypse?


Title Author Date
What's all this got to do with ID anyhow? Frank, Mark Apr 08, 2006
What I can't understand (and I have asked this on UD) is what has this got to do with intelligent design? I can't see anything in what Pianka was accused of saying, or what he really said, that is relevant.

It seems like it is entirely to do with personalities and nothing to do with content.