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Title Author Date
Evolution as science Brown, James Oct 16, 2007
Dear Talk Reason:

As a believer in the existance God, I have an observations of the Creation/Evolution debate: It seems like there should be a clarification
of some accusations on both sides.

Christians claim that evolution is not scientific because they believe it is false. I think their (and my) real point should be that the concepts of micro and macro evolution are, in fact, science, but that Darwinists are
wrong in asserting that such events actually happened.

Evolutionists claim that ID is a pseudoscience. I think their real point should be that the claims of ID are valid scientific objections to
evolution, but that they are wrong in asserting that God actually exists.

I am sick of Creationists, especially young earth ones, denying science on grounds that it contradicts the Bible (in my opinion it doesn't) and of Evolutionists denying valid scientific objections of ID on the grounds that it contradicts Atheism...

Does anybody on the other side of this agree?

James Brown