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Title Author Date
a thank you Quintel, Geoff Mar 18, 2009

I've been reading your essays at talkreason. As a non scientist involved in the evolution vs creation debate, please accept my thanks and appreciation for taking the time to write the essays.

For someone like me, who has neither the competence nor resources to review the primary literature, your essays, and those of other like minded scientists, are an invaluable resource.



Title Author Date
Flagella article / Skeptic Magazine Francis , Joseph Aug 25, 2008
I never understood why ID proponents like to show nature as a machine. I realize their thinking is that a machine has a maker, and therefor a Creator exists.

But God is magical.

God wouldn't use principles of engineering to make things work, he'd just fill living things with peanut butter and simply will them to work.

Signs of engineering are signs of evolution.

Joseph Francis
Los Angeles


Title Author Date
Has Mark Perakh done a poll? Bruggink, Paul May 15, 2008
In the fourth paragraph of "Flagella -- Real and Fictional," Mark Perakh asks if Joseph Bessette conducted a poll of atheistic scientists to support his statement about "two inconvenient facts."

Then in the sixth paragraph, Mark Perakh states "likewise, a similar statement can be made about those 40% of contemporary scientists in the USA
who overwhelmingly inherited their faith from their parents and adhere to it throughout their lives because of having emotionally absorbed it in their chidhood."

I have two questions:

(1) Has Mark Perakh conducted a poll of those 40%?

(2) Does he really believe that those scientists who as adults profess to believe in a personal God are merely adhering to their childhood faith without having questioned it at some point in their lives and concluded that it was valid and/or experienced it themselves? To my mind, Christian scientists have good adult reasons for believing as they do.