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Title Author Date
Harold Blum Rick Sep 30, 2009
What do you make of Harold Blum's assertion in 'Time's Arrow and Evolution', 3rd ed., page 164...the italicized sentence. In short, how was the transition from organic matter to life made without the necessary enzyme systems that are produced by life.

Thank you for the forum.

Title Author Date
Harold Blum TalkReason , Sep 30, 2009
Dear Rick:

An answer to your (or Blum's) question requires more than just a few words. This (or a similar)
question has been asked many times before and there are many, sometimes quite elaborate, versions of answers. One of the rather brief, deliberately simplified explanations, addressing non-professional readers, you may find by perusing section 9 of the following post on our site: http://www.talkreason.org/artilces/aviezer.cfm). It is just one of many
essays and even books where your question has been discussed in various forms and details, and on various levels of sophistication and knowledge of biological/chemical details. You may find much more material on that subject
via Google.