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Title Author Date
Making your discourse available to others Ogen, Joe L. Mar 02, 2009
I would like to send your writing to some other people but you have no means of so doing. In addition, if man is going to go heaven, what about all of the other animals on earth. In other words, for the religious element, how about a hog heaven?

The may argue that a hog has no soul but there is no imperical evidence that man has one either!(Tongue in cheek). I appreciate your thinking.

Joe L. Ogan

Title Author Date
Making your discourse available to others TalkReason , Mar 02, 2009
Dear Joe Ogan:

Materials posted on Talk Reason can easily be re-posted anywhere - it takes no special
devices. Just copy the post and email it to wherever you wish to see it re-posted or simply read. Of course, a reference to Talk Reason as the source is obligatory. Even simpler, provide the link to the material posted on TR to whomever you want it to share with. Also you always can print a hard copy of any post and snailmail it to anybody of your choice.

Talk Reason