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Title Author Date
new book Austin, Debra Feb 22, 2009
Talk Reason is a wonderful resource for those of us interested in supporting science, and I thank you for your tremendous effort. I realize
that you are primarily interested in news relating to teaching and public perception of evolution, but you may be interested in reviewing a new book closely related to these issues.

In August 2009, Simon & Schuster will publish my novel, Daughter of Kura. Daughter of Kura is set in Africa a half-million years ago. A young
homo erectus woman who is in line to become head-woman of her matriarchal clan confronts a stranger who disrupts her society with the first stirrings of religious ideas. Advanced reader's copies are now available from the
publisher, if any reviewers are interested.

Debra Austin

Title Author Date
new book TalkReason , Feb 22, 2009
Dear Debra Austin:

Talk Reason does not have staff reviewers and does not commission reviews. When a reviewer of a certain book submits to us his/her review, written on his/her own initiative, we are happy to consider it for posting.

Best wishes,

Talk Reason