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Title Author Date
Has Mark Perakh done a poll? Bruggink, Paul May 15, 2008
In the fourth paragraph of "Flagella -- Real and Fictional," Mark Perakh asks if Joseph Bessette conducted a poll of atheistic scientists to support his statement about "two inconvenient facts."

Then in the sixth paragraph, Mark Perakh states "likewise, a similar statement can be made about those 40% of contemporary scientists in the USA
who overwhelmingly inherited their faith from their parents and adhere to it throughout their lives because of having emotionally absorbed it in their chidhood."

I have two questions:

(1) Has Mark Perakh conducted a poll of those 40%?

(2) Does he really believe that those scientists who as adults profess to believe in a personal God are merely adhering to their childhood faith without having questioned it at some point in their lives and concluded that it was valid and/or experienced it themselves? To my mind, Christian scientists have good adult reasons for believing as they do.

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Title Author Date
Has Mark Perakh done a poll? TalkReason , May 15, 2008
Exactly the same question has been asked on
the Panda's Thumb blog (see http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2008/05/flagella-real-a.html) by one of the commenters (who signed as Larry Gilman). Perakh provided a detailed reply to that question in the comments section there, so please look it up.

Talk Reason administration
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