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Title Author Date
Evolution as science Dan Nov 20, 2007
Itís been said that the answers to God or the events leading up to the big bang are locked in a great cosmic vault. Most unfortunately, the combination to which is also locked in the vault. Weíre never going to know those answers. Sure, there are plenty who stand outside the vault claiming to know its contents. But deep down, we all know that just isnít possible.

As for evolution, it makes no claim as to creation. It merely recounts the events that have happened in earthís history. The faithful needlessly shake in their shoes.

The understanding of evolution started long before Darwin by a Scotsman named William "Strata" Smith. More commonly known as the father of modern geology, he also unearthed and collected a great many fossils, many of which were clearly extinct. The radiation and subsequent extinction of species was undeniable. Much like today, the mystery of how species came about and why they died was a great mystery.

Darwinís famous voyage was in part to get a better understanding of this. Despite what weíve been told, Darwin didnít sail willy-nilly around the globe stumbling onto the Galapagos Islands having an ah-ha moment and then hot footing it back to England to both write Origin of the Species and to irritate the church.

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