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Msg for James Downard Hinkle, John Jul 28, 2006
This is my first venture into talkreason.org, and I just finished reading your "appraisals" of Ann "Windbag" Coulter's views on evolution.

I just gotta say, you slay me! You truly have a gift to fisk with wit. (I don't know if "fisk" is a real word, but it's used by Josh Marshall at talkingpointsmemo.com).

Thanks for the entertaining and educational read.


John Hinkle
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Title Author Date
Msg for James Downard RJDownard@aol.com Jul 29, 2006
I'm glad you enjoyed it. But don't stop there. Use my pieces as an opportunity to check out the references I give, as a spur to further learning.

In other words, don't take my word for things. Holding everybody's feet to the scholarly fire is good for all, and it usually leads to still more interesting connections.

Coulter's problem here is not her politics. or even whatever her religious presumptions may be, but an objectively bad way of thinking, period. Since one of her major faults is a failure to check out primary sources, we don't want to follow in her "poor" "sad" or "unfortunate" footsteps.

Sound scholarly method is one game that no hairbrained person can ever successfully play. Up the ante: follow the sources!
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