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Title Author Date
Steve Fuller Rossow, Amiel Apr 05, 2006
Until his appearance as a witness at the Kitzmiller vs. DASD trial, I never heard Fuller's name, and until the appearance of Norman Levitt's essay on Talk Reason I knew nothing about Fuller's literary output and about him in general.

A contributor to the Letters section on this site, Mr. Gallagher, commenting on Levitt's essay, referred to an article in a British newspaper.
Unfortunately, although the link provided by Mr. Gallagher opened the Daily Telegraph website, I could not find there any article mentioning Steve Fuller, so I don't know what this article in fact asserts and whose name
appears in its byline. Evidently, Mr. Fuller does not like Gallagher's letter (perhaps he has good reasons for that, but this is not the issue here). Responding to Gallagher's letter, Mr. Fuller not only points to the alleged error in Gallagher's submission (which may or may not be indeed an error) but also inserts a sniping remark regarding the entire Talk Reason
website. You see, Mr. Fuller's learned opinion is that Talk Reason is "circulating urban myths." Really, Mr. Fuller? Are your publications as well substantiated as your remark aimed at this site? If this letter by Fuller is indicative of his habitual treatment of facts, there is hardly a justification for getting acquainted with his other publications.

The roster of contributors to Talk Reason contains dozens of names of accomplished scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers; Mr. Fuller's opinion hardly will make them lose sleep.

It is interesting how a brief letter can instantly create an image of the character and intellect of a letter's writer, in this case of Mr. Fuller.
This image fits in well with the portrait of Fuller according to Levitt's essay.


Amiel Rossow
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