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Title Author Date
Vedas distance from moon Mike Sep 21, 2008
I noticed you quote [note 72 -- TR] that the moon is 800000 km further away from the sun acording to the Vedas.

According to my understanding the moon is 258.000 miles acording to the Rig veda
the Srima Bhagavitam relate the 8000000 km
the two fiqures are based on different concepts so you should reinvestigate your data to be more informative.



Title Author Date
James Downard Berlinski, David Jul 15, 2003

Dear Editor --

I have just had occasion to read in the most recent Talk-Reason James
Downard's criticism of various of my Commentary essays. I appreciate his
remarks and I consider his criticism to be substantial, well-argued (within
the limits of an on-line forum), and interesting. I regret very much that
he did not publish his views in Commentary and I would even at this late
date urge him to submit a letter to the editor. I would do everything I
could to see that it is published.

Failing that, I would be happy to respond to the critical points that he
has raised on Talk-Reason itself. And if this is not acceptable, I would be
happy again to respond to his critique privately and off-line.


David Berlinski